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Essay writing is the part and parcel of students’ education receiving process. So you cannot avoid it during your studying, anyway. Yes, it is rather labor-intensive and time-consuming but after all you are already on your way to getting the Degree, so brace yourself and find your certain position in the chosen sphere.

It may sound strange and unbelievable, but essay writing is one of your steps to future life.

As soon as you understand its importance, symbolize it with an elephant as they say an elephant should be eaten with a teaspoon. In primordial concept it means that any problem should be solved step by step. So right now we’ll try to show you how it actually looks in practice.


Find yourself in a certain sphere. When you are not provided with the direction of your research, you are free to choose it by yourself. Use your imagination and the first thing that comes to your mind when asking yourself “What do I want to write about” is often the best choice.


Launching the research process. As soon as you are clear with the study area, it’s high time to start the research process. Make sure you have collected enough material as a basement for your future essay. Thumb through it to find the most appropriate. That will help you to figure out the key ideas of your essay.


Keep to the Main Idea. Sticking to the general idea is extremely important as your professor will surely notice that you are arguing round and round the subject just to fill in the blank sheet of your paper. Just avoid deviation from the subject in case you want to get a high grade for your essay.


His Majesty Essay. Before reaping the laurels of ready essay, create a theses list in order to outline out the key problems you are going to dwell on in your essay. After that, move directly to the essay writing process. Remember that the meaningful introduction is always a plus. Present your theses list and powerful arguments to support it, give examples, and write a conclusion.

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